1 on 1 Training

Improve Your Overall Fitness. Move with Ease. Feel More Flexible.

Aches and pains and gaining weight: we assume they’re unavoidable as we get older. Not so. A sore back, stiff knees or shoulders, extra pounds around your middle (and other places) can all affect how much you enjoy life – but it doesn’t have to be this way.

It is possible to stave off what looks like a decline in your physical abilities. It is possible to look and feel great. It is possible to fully engage again with your life, keep up with your golf or tennis buddies, with your spouse and with your friends.

Imagine getting back to fighting form that allows you to recapture your passion for sports and healthy living.

That’s what we help you achieve.

What you can expect from our total focus on you and your health

Our functional training focuses on core body movements targeted towards the specific conditions and needs of your body.

  • Training geared towards overall health, not just building muscle.
  • Better mobility, cardiovascular strength, and mental wellbeing.
  • More stamina and physical ability to play with the grandkids whenever you want.

If you’ve tried personal training before and you gave up because it got repetitive and boring, you’re in the right place with Steve. It’s NEVER boring. His light touch makes it all fun so you’re motivated to keep coming back.

And he has a medical background so he can talk knowledgeably with your doctor.

With Steve you get the best – and that’s not an empty promise.

His background in the medical field and his experience as a top-level athlete, set him apart from run-of-the-mill trainers who focus on building muscle rather than developing a healthy body. You can read more about Steve’s background on the About page of this site.

Get a taste of what’s possible.

Feeling generally fatigued from life can gnaw at your motivation Don’t let that stop you. Think of the benefits you’ll get when you take action to make it bett

Come in for a free session – without any obligation. If at the end of the session, you decide it’s not for you, that’s OK too. We’ll go our separate ways.