How to Stay Younger, Longer

For centuries, kings and queens, ruthless rulers, and almighty emperors searched for the elixir of life, the potion of immortality…and we had it hidden here at Dopamine FX all along!

Unfortunately, no, there isn’t a mystical immortality potion. But, there is a magical list of lifestyle ingredients you can blend together to fight aging and stay younger, longer. A couple of those include:

1. Strength and resistance training.

One of our favorites! As you age, you naturally lose muscle and mass, making you weaker and more susceptible to injuries and accidents. Strength train regularly to help keep aging at bay.

2. Consuming protein.

Your hair, skin, muscles, and bones are all made from proteins, the building blocks of life. Protein is critical for longevity, especially collagen which is highly absorbable and makes your skin firmer and less wrinkly.

3. Walking.

Sound simple and stupid? It’s not. Walking not only clears your head and gets your blood flowing, but it actively counteracts the effects of genes that make you gain weight. Walking is a great remedy for stiff joints and also boosts your immune function. Get your steps in, folks.

4. Senolytics.

Huh? Senolytics are a class of drugs that induce apoptosis of senescent cells, meaning that they kill these cells. Senescent cells tend to build up in many tissues in the body and are associated with aging and chronic diseases. Some natural senolytics include green tea, berries, onions, citrus fruits, and even red wine. Which senolytics might be beneficial to you? Just ask Chris, our in-house nutritionist.

Do these stretches right now

Young fair skinned man at a desk with a computer. He is gazing out a patio sliding glass door.
Credit Unsplash: Yasmina H

In the present day, we sit A LOT and that has major negative effects on our bodies.

Ever work at a computer for long periods then get up and feel your back, hips, and legs creaking as you walk? 

Here are two targeted stretches from the Nutritious Movement newsletter that you can do at your desk right now to make things a little more fluid.

Nerve Stretch

Stand up! Hold your arms straight out to your sides with your palms facing out like you’re doing a halt sign or trying to hold two walls from closing in on either side of you. Spread your fingers apart and bend them back, pushing the heels of your palms away from you. Feel that stretch in your hands and arms?

Piriformis Stretch

While seated, move to the front edge of your chair. Lift your right foot up and cross your right leg over your left leg so your right ankle is resting on your left knee. Slowly tilt your pelvis and torso forward. Feel that stretch? Repeat on the other leg.

Got specific health or fitness questions? Shoot them over to us at: and, we would love to offer some expert advice.

Stay happy and healthy friends,

Steve + Chris & The Dopamine FX Team