How Bad is Sitting?

This month, we’re discussing the horrific effects sitting has on your health, but of course, providing you with simple strategies for how to reverse them.

You’re not going to like this, but a study published in the Journal of Applied Physiology discovered that one hour of exercise failed to improve health markers like insulin metabolism the next day in folks who were sitting for 13 hours or more.

Sitting is the nemesis of movement, the antidote to the myriad benefits exercise brings your body.

Some researchers believe that sitting for extended periods shuts off your metabolism and counters much of the benefits of exercise.

Many of us, maybe some of you reading this article, are consistently working out for 1 hour, 4-5 times per week. But, you might also work a computer-based job that forces you to sit for 8-9 hours per day. Pair this with sitting in the car, and sitting at your dinner table or on your couch when you get home, and the hours rack up quickly.

You’re doing a wonderful job of consistently exercising almost every day, and that’s truly the hardest part, but what else can you do?

Steve stretching on a mat in the gym.

To reverse the horrific, sedentary nature of sitting, you must split up long chunks of sitting with a bit of simple movement. This could include:

  • Taking a 5-minute walk every hour or two
  • Standing up and doing 2-3 long, deep stretches at your desk
  • Installing a standing desk and using it for half of your workday

Actively countering the effects of sitting requires making a bunch of tiny, but impactful decisions.

Can you take the stairs? Can you park a few blocks away and get some steps in? Can you take your call on the move? While your coffee is brewing can you bend and twist and move your body in ways you usually don’t?

Got specific questions about how to keep your lower back or legs or any other part of you loose and limber? Want to receive a list of the best stretches or exercises you can do at home to reverse the effects of sitting?

Reset With a Massage

A male massage therapist giving a massage.

Sometimes, your body has so many kinks and aches and stiff little pockets, that getting back on track feels nearly impossible.

For that, we have Roger Brian, our in-house masseur, and owner of Back to Balance Massage.

Roger has been a massage therapist for two decades in Santa Barbara. While he can apply pressure with ease to release any tension you might have, he’s most concerned with communicating with you to get to the root of your stiffness and discomfort and relieving chronic pain once and for all.

Consider getting a deep-tissue massage to soften and reset your entire body, then infuse movement into your day to break up long stretches of sitting. You’ll be feeling better than ever.

Sitting doesn’t “stand” a chance.

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Stay happy and healthy friends,

Steve + Chris & The Dopamine FX Team