The Big Five

One hand holding a bowl of corn chips the other hand reaching into the bowl.

This month, we’re exploring ‘The Big 5’ and the reasons why temporarily removing them from your diet can be beneficial. Many people are unaware of just how much corn, sugar, soy, dairy, and gluten they consume on a daily basis! From processed foods to condiments, these ingredients can be found in a wide range of …

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How to Stay Younger, Longer

A blurred image of someone doing rope exercises in a gym.

For centuries, kings and queens, ruthless rulers, and almighty emperors searched for the elixir of life, the potion of immortality…and we had it hidden here at Dopamine FX all along! Unfortunately, no, there isn’t a mystical immortality potion. But, there is a magical list of lifestyle ingredients you can blend together to fight aging and …

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With a Trainer or Without One?

Two Kettle bells

This month, we’re discussing the difference between working out with a trainer or doing it on your own. We’ve also got the best mini stretch routine to do while traveling to avoid back pain. Most of us know that exercising is critical for a healthy life. But most of us aren’t so certain if we …

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